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Set nest with handles ” Acorns beige”

Set nest with handles, blanket, 100% cotton, 100% plush ” Acorns beige”
The kit includes:

– Nest with removable orthopedic mattress with handles, made of cotton and plush
– Cotton and plush blanket


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Thanks to the orthopedic mattress in the nest, 3 cm thick, the baby’s back will be supported in the correct position, even if the nest will lie on a very soft or very hard surface.

In the nest, the newborn can be left on the sofa, floor or in your bed, take a visit or on vacation and not worry about the safety and comfort of the baby.

The blanket is soft, light, and moderately warm. The blanket can be used for Discharge. To do this, you need to order a bow or ribbon for the Statement.

Fabric: 100% cotton, plush (100% polyester)

Only certified fillers of premium quality: holcon 900 g / m2 or ” Hollofayber” Hard 750 gr / m2

All products can be washed in the washing machine.

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