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Nest “Sonyushka” plush ” Stars on blue”

Nest “Sonyushka” Plush

A nest with a removable orthopedic mattress made of 100% cotton on one side and plush on the other.


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All materials are certified.

Thanks to the orthopedic mattress in the nest, 3 cm thick, the baby’s back will be supported in the correct position, even if the nest will lie on a very soft or very hard surface.

In the nest, the newborn can be left on the sofa, floor or in your bed, take a visit or on vacation and not worry about the safety and comfort of the baby.

The nest can be washed in the washing machine.

Suitable from birth to 4 years old.

“Sonyushka” consists of:

Body nest with sides
orthopedic mattress

In the sides, the filler “Sinteshar “from the Korean fiber “Eslon” of the 1st grade (highest).
The mattress is filled with a Holcon with a density of 900 g / m2 or a Holofiber hard with a density of 750 g / m2. The thickness of the mattress is from 2 to 3 cm.

Also, along the perimeter of the nest body, there is a drawstring, where a cord is inserted so that you can tighten and tie the sides of the nest together. The ties have retainers to fix the sides in a tightened position, even when untied.

The size of the nest in the assembled (tied) form:85 by 55 cm
Orthopedic mattress size: 66 x 29 cm
The size of the nest in the assembled untied form (from the headboard to the ends of the sides): 96 by 57

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