There are pleasant bonuses for you in my workshop:

– 1. When ordering a set of nest + blanket, a 10% discount on the set

2. When ordering a nest and mattress “Montessori” a 15% discount on the set

3. If you order a sheet with an elastic band, as an additional product (in addition to the sheet, there are other textiles in the order) – a 30% discount on the sheet.


When ordering a set: nest + blanket + waterproof diaper in the nest – the second diaper as a GIFT 🎁


Discounts are not cumulative. If you order several items with a 10% and 15% discount, then choose one of the discounts that is more attractive for you.

BUT! The discount applies to the sheet under any conditions: there is already a discount for the set or not.


1. You ordered: nest, blanket, mattress “Montessori” – choose a discount or 10% for the set nest + blanket, or for the set nest + mattress “Montessori”

2. You ordered: a nest, a blanket, a Montessori mattress, crib sides and an elastic sheet. You can choose a discount or 10% for sets of nest + blanket or nest + mattress “Montessori” 15%. Additionally, there will be a 30% discount on the sheet

3. You ordered a nest and a Montessori mattress, a sheet with an elastic band. Your discount: 15% for a set of nest + mattress “Montessori” and 30% for a sheet

I will report all promotions not only on the community wall, but also here 🙂