About us

My name is Elizabeth. I myself have two children, so I created such a textile production that I would most passionately want to buy it for my kids. We refine each product with the whole team exactly until the moment when it is as convenient, safe, versatile and strong as possible.

“Fox Workshop” is a workshop where safe nests with an orthopedic mattress for newborns are created, as well as blankets, diapers, bed linen and other baby crib textiles.

Our main goal is to make a new life with a newborn as easy and comfortable as possible, while ensuring maximum safety for the newborn.

After all, it’s hard to do household chores with a child in your arms. When there is a nest, the baby can lie next to the mother right on the table or on the floor in complete safety.

We do not have a line production. An order is assigned to each seamstress, only she personally fulfills it and no one else. Therefore, a soul is put into every product.

Our motto is quality and safety. We use only certified top grade fillers. All fabric, then the finished product, are checked for defects. Even during the sewing process, we monitor the quality. If even the slightest difference from the sample is found, this product is not sold, but rejected.

“Fox Workshop” is located in Russia, in the south of Siberia, Russia, in sunny Khakassia – the city of Abakan.